Swan SI-100E 220v Block Ice Shaver


Swan SI-100E 220v Block Ice Shaver

SKU: MS-SI100E-220

Swan SI-100E Block Ice Shaver 220v




SI-100E Instruction Manual


Our best-selling Swan SI-100E 220-volt is ideal for high-volume shave ice business locations (not intended for US domestic markets)


The Swan SI-100E 220-volt produces 4.6 pounds of shave ice per minute with an ultra-fine texture that absorbs syrups quickly. This Swan shave ice machine can hold a 7-pound square or round block of ice and features nearly 10 inches of clearance beneath the shaving disc for easy access with large cups.We recommend your ice be no larger than 6 inches wide by 6 inches tall if you are using a square block and no larger than 8 inches in diameter by 6 inches tall using a round block.

This model includes a pre-installed blade plus an additional spare blade. This machine has a 1⁄4 horsepower motor and is NSF-approved. This Hawaiian-style shaver is the signature Swan teal blue color which has always been an added plus for this machine. The Swan SI-100E is incredibly durable with a metal frame masked with a high-quality plastic casing.

The convenient drip tray with drain tube is perfect for redirecting and draining any ice over-spray. However, adding a larger drip pan with this model is recommended to ensure you have additional protection from over-spray under your machine. The machine weighs about 80 pounds and we recommend installing it on a sturdy and level surface. A hands-free foot pedal is not included but is recommended.

The 220-volt shaver is intended for markets where 220-volt power is used.


      • Shaves 4.6 pounds of shave ice per minute
      • Holds up to 7-pound ice blocks
      • Compatible with square or circular ice blocks
      • Comes with pre-installed blade and one replacement blade
      • Machine is NSF approved
      • CE Marked
      • Equipped with 1/4 horse power motor
      • Weighs Approximately 80 pounds


Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 19 in