Swan Ice Shavers Produce Top Quality Snow

Swan Ice Shavers Produce Top Quality Snow

Swan branded machines produce the highest quality snow cone product possible. The ice is shaved so fine that it literally absorbs the flavor into the shaved ice so that the customer can experience flavor consistency from the first bite to the last.

Simple Shaving

Swan ice shaving machines are easy to operate.

Simply place a block of ice in the center of the shaving disk, lower the ice block holder, close the shield and turn on the machine. The texture of the ice is adjusted with a single knob making it easy to produce the best shaved ice possible.

NSF Approved

NSF International Certified

Swan Ice shaver machines like the Swan SI-100E and the SI-150CBK machine are both certified by NSF International, an independent public health and safety company that certifies that Swan ice shaver products meet the highest health and safety requirements.

Free Two Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty!

Free is always the best price. Swan ice shavers come with a one year warranty. However, for a limited time, at no extra cost, IceShavers.com will double the warranty to a full two years ($129.00 value). Our policy is that if you have a problem with your Swan ice shaver, and it is deemed to be a manufacturer defect, we will replace the defective part or replace the entire machine if necessary. We add this free two-year warranty to your shopping cart with the purchase of any Swan ice shaver machine.

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